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Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

A Content Plan Increases Customer Engagement

Businesses need to engage with existing and potential customers by offering something they want to watch, listen to or read. Content can range from YouTube tutorials to white papers; music videos to magazine features; but the common thread is that it is designed to meet a specific marketing objective and to attract customers to your brand. The goal is to build loyal customers who advocate for your brand, and help you build trust and authority in the online marketplace. It also builds trust with Google and Bing, who crave fresh remarkable content, and reward businesses with improved search results.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Engagement is about reaching your audience where they search and find information and speaking to their needs. If you sell office supplies, for example, an effective content development strategy would start by identifying what your potential consumers need. Say you focus on the desires to create harmonious office spaces, reduce energy costs and streamline ordering. You then engage your audience with information that will draw them into a sales cycle for example, articles on “10 Quick Fixes for Cutting Energy Costs or Top Tips for Office Order”. The result: they transition from cold leads to customers to brand advocates.

Who Does This Service Work Best With?

You need to develop remarkable content in order to attract consumers to your business and engage with you. Consumers are ad-skeptical and adept at tuning out unwanted marketing messages. They have the technology to physically avoid advertising, whether by skipping ads on DVR or using online pop-up blockers. You have two options for getting your message across: try to shout louder, or say something interesting enough that the customer wants to listen.

How Will this Work for my Business?

Our Service:

  • Speaks directly to your audience’s needs
  • Develops your brand credibility and visibility
  • Boosts sales and building loyalty

Why CreateAgile Marketing?

CreateAgile Marketing’s campaigns will help you to drive measurable business results. Our content marketing agency will study your company, niche, market and audience; identify opportunities; deliver compelling content to grab your audience; continuously monitor and iterate the campaign for maximum return; fuel bottom-line growth. We also offer customized services such as content development and copywriting for existing campaigns; sales and persuasive copy, troubleshooting; research and analysis and marketing consultation. Contact our expert team to find out how we can help you create and execute strategies that work.

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